Creative Muscles

I’m a busy guy. I’ve got four kids under 3 (including triplets). I’ve got a full-time job. And I’m working on a few pretty cool projects on the side.

I have a few skills. I’m decent with numbers (I work in finance, kinda). I think I’m a pretty good dad. And I’m good at modeling complex things. While my boss may not agree, I can do a great job of boiling complex concepts down into workable parts.

One thing I haven’t recently (as in, in years) had time to do is use my strongest gift – my writing ability. When I first got married, I wrote two and a half books. The first two were excellent, in my most humble opinion 🙂 The third needs editing. Of course, if you’re reading this, you probably already know that. And I do write some decent annual Yom Kippur greetings.

But I’ve lacked the opportunity to flex my creative muscle. I haven’t done nearly as much writing as is good for me.

I’ve tried my hand at a few blogs, but I haven’t really sustained them. They’ve been too meaningful.

This blog won’t fit that bill.

The idea is simple. I watched Julie and Julia (I know, embarrassing to admit). I enjoyed it (I think that’s not embarrassing, but others might disagree). And I thought (with encouragement from Rebecca), if she cooks al of Julia Childs recipies in a year, why I don’t I try my version of that. Why don’t I write one short story a day for a year.

This isn’t going to be a blog full of introspection (I think that’s kinda like people walking around naked – it isn’t as revealing as they think). This is going to be a blog of relatively raw, shoot from the hip, just about any genre goes, short stories. It will be a writing challenge and a creative challenge. And it will be a time challenge. Because as much fun as it could be, it is only going to work if, by doing it, I can do even better at meeting all my other obligations.

I hope you enjoy the ride – I expect I will.

The first post is coming today.


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