365 Shorts

The concept behind 365Shorts was simple. I watched Julie and Julia (I know, embarrassing to admit). I enjoyed it (I think that’s not embarrassing, but others might disagree). And I thought (with encouragement from Rebecca), if she cooks all of Julia Childs recipies in a year, why I don’t I try my version of that.

Why don’t I write one short story a day for a year.

The result wasn’t a blog full of introspection (I think that’s kinda like people walking around naked – it isn’t as revealing as they think). This was a blog of relatively raw, shoot from the hip, just about any genre goes, short stories. It was be a writing challenge and a creative challenge. And it was be a time challenge. Because as much fun as it could be, it was only going to work if, by doing it, I can do even better at meeting all my other obligations.

Some of the stories are excellent, others are subpar. I stopped when they got bad 🙂

One of them got tens of thousands of hits.

The stories – by order or writing – are below:

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